To- Do Lists

Hey beautiful people, how have you all been!! What an year has it been, now let me tell you this at times I have to pinch myself into seeing that we have actually reached the end of the year, at times it seems like I am still processing 2019, and then in a flash, I am thrown towards the present day. I guess this is how it works( obviously it works like that), the days just keep on going and then at times when you notice a lot of time has already passed by then.

Apart from that fact, there is something else that I have realised. Now we are all familiar of to- do lists or bucket lists, a dreamy list where we write down all we want to do throughout our life or let me put it like this, things we definitely want to do in our lifetime, irrespective of whatever it takes to achieve them.

Now,personally I just have not been able to get this fact wrapped around my head. I have never made a bucket list. Now, that does not mean that I do not want to do things, it’s just that to put something to paper just for the sake of it is not something I would like to do.

Now obviously writing something and after achieving it ticking it off ” the list” maybe exciting, but personally this concept does not come to me naturally. Now instwad of jotting everything down, I would rather like to experience things randomly at times, do it without planning, do it without making it a point somewhere, I want to and I am looking forward to feel random things.

You see, a few years back even I planned things, not in notebooks, but in my mind, but now growing up looking at things from a different perspective, I have realised that I want things to be random rather than being aligbed in a straight line, whether its adventure or anything as for that matter.

Even earlier there were times when I had planned something and out of nowhere the plan got cancelled way more abruptly, maybe that has also contributed towards my change of perspective, but now it is what it is, and I love it!!!

I would love to know about your views as well. Comnent down below and let me know what is your concept on fo do lists and planners. Would love to get to know each one of you!!!

Take Care People & Stay Safe

Day to day life

Hazy Aspirations & Thoughts

Hey there, beautiful people. I hope you all are doing good. I know it has been a very long time…. like very very long time since my last blog but we here I am trying very hard to get back into a routine.

Frankly, even I dont know how I have been through and what have I done, now when I start writing. It feels like I have basically wasted my time. Now, I refer this to as wasting of time, because according to me any time that is spent without me being productive is a waste.

I am in the 3rd semester of my undergrad. I have been attending online classes since my 1st sem and let me tell you this although at first J was very happy with the fact that classes have been shifted to online mode….. right after my 1st sem, the feeling of exhaustion has started coming in. Trust me, I have tried to be positive, but the fact that I have spent 1 year of my college life at home sucks…

Along with the online classes, I have been pursuing an internship , and had also taken up some other courses on the side. But all in all, there are times every fay where I sit and think as to what am I doing? Do I want to pursue this? I dont know. But I know for a fact that I am trying to figure out life as each day passes. Some days it just becomes so heavy, I feel like, I cannot take another day.

Now, as negative as I may sound, I genuinely try to be optimistic, I try to take up new tasks, but I just cannot focus. I have tried and tried and I still am trying every single day.

You know what makes trying even more tough on some days? When I open my instagram or youtube and I see vlogs or maybe profiles of students who are my age but are 10000 times more productive in a day then I am. I try to get over it, accepting the fact that not all people have the same capability and that they can always try but it becomes heavy and hard on some days.

I have thought about many things and I have made goals for myself which I try to accomplish but somehow something or other just does not add up.

I will keep on juggling and trying. Meanwhile I would really love to know how you deal with these kinds of thoughts in day to day life.

Now, if you have been with me right upto the end, thank you so much for being here, it really means a lot. I will try to come up with another blog super soon. Until then; take care beautiful people!!!



Hey there ; lovely peeps ; I hope you all have been doing fine. It’s been a very long time since I had written my last blog and though; I tried to be regular with blogs something or the other came up . But today I am here to describe or rather share an issue that I have been going through since even I don’t know when but I am pretty sure that many among us do feel this at different points in life. “Insecurities ” šŸ™‚

I am an over conscious person and usually I might define myself as one who is always afraid of what consequences will my actions lead to. Though I try very hard to ignore it but it is something I just can’t overcome. I am very insecure of anything and everything. My insecurities are not specific; they can be regarding my own personality or many a times they may be a result of feeling close to a person and thinking about their intention of hurting me. This might be confusing. Overthinking of whether I am good enough to present myself to the world or will I be appreciated for my work are some of the things that have accompanied me since childhood.

Now ; I have started to think as to why do I always need appreciated? Why is there a constant need of being approved for or being praised for be it anything right from life style , thinking, fashion , perspectives, personality. And after pondering over this for a very very long time I came to the conclusion that the need is not of everyone’s approval but more than that it is of having that faith within you to share your thoughts or to feel self confident in a particular dress which ultimately enhances your way and style of carrying it. The constant feeling of not being enough is somewhat cultivated inside of us when we see people doing better than us. But what we do forget to realise is that any successful person in the present moment has gone through his or her share of struggles at a particular point of time in their life. What we do tend to see is the lifestyle , thinking perspective they have at present. Well; that is the result of going through their share of highs and lows in life.

It took me a very long time to accept and come to terms with this and though it was very tough all along , the understanding of it makes me feel a bit relieved or rather relaxed. Now I try hard to do everything that I love rather than thinking about how people around me are gonna perceive it.

That is all that I had to share for todayšŸ˜€. But I would love to know your thoughts and perspective on the topic. Comment down below and tell me if there is something out there for me or for all the people who are going through a similar situation.

Thank You So Much If You Have Read This Blog Right Upto The End .

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Cozy December!!

Hey people, I hope all of you are having an amazing day and doing absolutely fine. So, finally it’s the last month of this year!!!!Whew! What a year it has been of all sorts of ups and downs!

This is the only month in the whole year which feels cozy and it makes me feel absolutely amazing. In the past few days , though most of the time has been spent at home, but I feel positive. Okay, this is not about productivity in particular, I haven’t been productive on the studying front but mostly in the past few days the only kind of goodness that I have felt is I am having positive thoughts , well that is probably because of winter , which is so obvious šŸ˜ƒ.

This month I have spent most of my days cozied up reading books, watching shows and series, writing and planning sometimes, exercising and the one thing that has significantly increased in my routine is gardening . It is a great mood buster. It can make you feel refreshed.

December is indeed my favourite time of the year, it feels so soothing right from decorating the Christmas tree to cooking and baking different meals and dishes. Also, in the past few days, I have always felt the urge to get up and get dressed well, care for my skin and body which I avoid most of the time.

Well, this is what december is all about for me!!! Do comment below, and tell me how your december is going ?

Take care peopleā¤& Stay safe!!!

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Cycling thoughts!!

Hey peeps , I hope all you guys have been doing good. We are going through these rough times of the pandemic , among it the only things that have kept all of us going through this patch of time is hope. Isn’t it so ? Hope that things will return to exactly the kind of normal we had before. And with our collective understanding of the environment around us we may achieve it definitely!

Now coming back to what all I have done in my day to day life all these days. Though most of the days were quite confusing and I was restless most of the time but the only thing that was constant all these times were thoughts. Obviously among it was what is gonna happen next . How will we all win this fight with this mighty virus, but this is the kind of the thought that we all have had , about the vaccine and how life would become absolutely normal which to a larger extent we have also received due to our collective awareness and measures. But apart from that in my little world I had all other kinds of thought . So here we go –

Thoughts are one of the things that we cannot control. I had all kinds of thought mostly of impossible things. This is something I do most of the time. There are a million , no that is wrong ; a trillion thoughts in my mind everyday.

Some of the thoughts are someday I would become some kind of fashion icon , on most of the other times I think of being a popular youtube star. That’s funny isn’t it!! These are only among the trillion thoughts that I have about my future. A businesswoman, a professor , an icon and what not. There is no ending to this thought process or rather I may say it’s an endless cycle.

I am 18 and I see and explore so many things everyday. And every other thing I see throughout the day seems so tempting to me .

I dont know if these things happen with other people as well but this thought process is not gonna end. Atleast not until I become established. Right now , my primary focus is on my studies. But there is no perfect time to start anything that you want . Is it? Maybe I would begin with something creative rather than just dreaming of it.

Do let me know if you go through this endless cycle as well in the comments!!!!

If you have read this blog right up to the end then that means a lot. I shared my genuine thought process.

Take care peeps and please do stay safe and healthyā¤

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Twist and turn of events.

Hey everyone, it’s been a very long time since my introductory blogpost , and I haven’t posted a single thing since then,so in this blog I am gonna tell you quite something about all the things that I went through during these days. I hope you would bear with me till the end of this blog

So, all these days were very stressful and tedious . Okay , so I just qualified from higher secondary and its time I am going to get into a college – butttttt okay a big but lies here . So these days there is a lot of competition in India generally because the number of students are increasing day by day as compared to the number of government colleges here . Okay , so if I tell you what I have been upto so many days – I had appeared for the medical entrance examination and also for an agricultural entrance examination. So,though the results are not out yet but I know that I would not he able to make through the medical entrance examination this year and due to this reason I was literally very depressed for almost more than a month. But after this I also appeared for this agricultural examination and it went off pretty well , so I am hoping of getting through this exams .

But , frankly speaking all this process of getting admission even in a normal college for honours course is very difficult these days . I am an average student , I scored 82 percent in my examination and I also applied in many colleges for the honours courses but until now I have not got through any of the merit lists of any colleges . The maximum cutoff has been around 90 to 91 percent or more than that in most of the colleges for the unreserved or rather I would say the general candidates. Rest of the seats are for the reserved category canditates with even average marks less than us.

Okay, now frankly speaking though I am an average candidate but I try my best to perform well in all the examination but the way this reserved and unreserved category system is prevailing in our country , it’s nearly impossible for students like us to get into some college , though I have a far better score than all the reserved candidates in college but just because I am a general category student with 82 percent , I can’t get through any of the colleges.

The last few months have been very depressing and hectic because I was unable to get through the fact of how I would be able to get into a college . All these days my parents have been very supportive. Though I haven’t got into any college until now, because my results for the competitive exams are not declared yet .

I hope everything that would happen from now onwards would be positive, I totally do not know as to how I would deal with any further problems of getting my desired course in any college . But I am still very hopeful of getting into something until the end of this year !

In the end , thankyou if you have read this blog until the end . It means a lot to me. I will definitely keep posting about all the further ventures in the coming days until then-

Take care and stay safe peopleā¤

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My first blogšŸ’£

Hey everyone,this is my first official blog and I am really very excited to start off with it.I recently discovered my love for writing and reading of course in the quarantine period and that leads me towards this.Though I did not have that many hobbies from my childhood but recently after completing my higher secondary this year I thought of discovering my passion and hobbies which until now I thought were only studiesšŸ˜‚,but not to anyone’s surprise this lockdown period gave us enough time to start off with everything fresh and to clean up any mess that had happened earlier.So among all the things that I did during this period , most of my time was spent reading new novels , skin care and health regime and it went off really well .

Though this lockdown did give me enough time to do something new,at times it also made me anxious and kind of depressed cause for the very first time , not only me but all of us could not predict what is going to happen next, but ultimately I spent my time reading and playing with my pet dog and it made me content and absolutely happy spending time like that .

So , this was it.Now that I have started blogging I would write whenever and whatever something new and creative happens. Until then-