Hey there ; lovely peeps ; I hope you all have been doing fine. It’s been a very long time since I had written my last blog and though; I tried to be regular with blogs something or the other came up . But today I am here to describe or rather share an issue that I have been going through since even I don’t know when but I am pretty sure that many among us do feel this at different points in life. “Insecurities ” šŸ™‚

I am an over conscious person and usually I might define myself as one who is always afraid of what consequences will my actions lead to. Though I try very hard to ignore it but it is something I just can’t overcome. I am very insecure of anything and everything. My insecurities are not specific; they can be regarding my own personality or many a times they may be a result of feeling close to a person and thinking about their intention of hurting me. This might be confusing. Overthinking of whether I am good enough to present myself to the world or will I be appreciated for my work are some of the things that have accompanied me since childhood.

Now ; I have started to think as to why do I always need appreciated? Why is there a constant need of being approved for or being praised for be it anything right from life style , thinking, fashion , perspectives, personality. And after pondering over this for a very very long time I came to the conclusion that the need is not of everyone’s approval but more than that it is of having that faith within you to share your thoughts or to feel self confident in a particular dress which ultimately enhances your way and style of carrying it. The constant feeling of not being enough is somewhat cultivated inside of us when we see people doing better than us. But what we do forget to realise is that any successful person in the present moment has gone through his or her share of struggles at a particular point of time in their life. What we do tend to see is the lifestyle , thinking perspective they have at present. Well; that is the result of going through their share of highs and lows in life.

It took me a very long time to accept and come to terms with this and though it was very tough all along , the understanding of it makes me feel a bit relieved or rather relaxed. Now I try hard to do everything that I love rather than thinking about how people around me are gonna perceive it.

That is all that I had to share for todayšŸ˜€. But I would love to know your thoughts and perspective on the topic. Comment down below and tell me if there is something out there for me or for all the people who are going through a similar situation.

Thank You So Much If You Have Read This Blog Right Upto The End .

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Funky,adventurous,a bookworm with a tint of sense and love for fashion

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