Cycling thoughts!!

Hey peeps , I hope all you guys have been doing good. We are going through these rough times of the pandemic , among it the only things that have kept all of us going through this patch of time is hope. Isn’t it so ? Hope that things will return to exactly the kind of normal we had before. And with our collective understanding of the environment around us we may achieve it definitely!

Now coming back to what all I have done in my day to day life all these days. Though most of the days were quite confusing and I was restless most of the time but the only thing that was constant all these times were thoughts. Obviously among it was what is gonna happen next . How will we all win this fight with this mighty virus, but this is the kind of the thought that we all have had , about the vaccine and how life would become absolutely normal which to a larger extent we have also received due to our collective awareness and measures. But apart from that in my little world I had all other kinds of thought . So here we go –

Thoughts are one of the things that we cannot control. I had all kinds of thought mostly of impossible things. This is something I do most of the time. There are a million , no that is wrong ; a trillion thoughts in my mind everyday.

Some of the thoughts are someday I would become some kind of fashion icon , on most of the other times I think of being a popular youtube star. That’s funny isn’t it!! These are only among the trillion thoughts that I have about my future. A businesswoman, a professor , an icon and what not. There is no ending to this thought process or rather I may say it’s an endless cycle.

I am 18 and I see and explore so many things everyday. And every other thing I see throughout the day seems so tempting to me .

I dont know if these things happen with other people as well but this thought process is not gonna end. Atleast not until I become established. Right now , my primary focus is on my studies. But there is no perfect time to start anything that you want . Is it? Maybe I would begin with something creative rather than just dreaming of it.

Do let me know if you go through this endless cycle as well in the comments!!!!

If you have read this blog right up to the end then that means a lot. I shared my genuine thought process.

Take care peeps and please do stay safe and healthyā¤

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By anubhutishaw

Funky,adventurous,a bookworm with a tint of sense and love for fashion

3 replies on “Cycling thoughts!!”

Only 18? So much to look forward to in life.
I am 69, and my thoughts recycle constantly, sometimes keeping me awake at night. So you can be sure of one thing, it doesn’t stop when you get older. šŸ™‚
Thanks very much for following my blog.
Best wishes to you, Pete.

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