Twist and turn of events.

Hey everyone, it’s been a very long time since my introductory blogpost , and I haven’t posted a single thing since then,so in this blog I am gonna tell you quite something about all the things that I went through during these days. I hope you would bear with me till the end of this blog

So, all these days were very stressful and tedious . Okay , so I just qualified from higher secondary and its time I am going to get into a college – butttttt okay a big but lies here . So these days there is a lot of competition in India generally because the number of students are increasing day by day as compared to the number of government colleges here . Okay , so if I tell you what I have been upto so many days – I had appeared for the medical entrance examination and also for an agricultural entrance examination. So,though the results are not out yet but I know that I would not he able to make through the medical entrance examination this year and due to this reason I was literally very depressed for almost more than a month. But after this I also appeared for this agricultural examination and it went off pretty well , so I am hoping of getting through this exams .

But , frankly speaking all this process of getting admission even in a normal college for honours course is very difficult these days . I am an average student , I scored 82 percent in my examination and I also applied in many colleges for the honours courses but until now I have not got through any of the merit lists of any colleges . The maximum cutoff has been around 90 to 91 percent or more than that in most of the colleges for the unreserved or rather I would say the general candidates. Rest of the seats are for the reserved category canditates with even average marks less than us.

Okay, now frankly speaking though I am an average candidate but I try my best to perform well in all the examination but the way this reserved and unreserved category system is prevailing in our country , it’s nearly impossible for students like us to get into some college , though I have a far better score than all the reserved candidates in college but just because I am a general category student with 82 percent , I can’t get through any of the colleges.

The last few months have been very depressing and hectic because I was unable to get through the fact of how I would be able to get into a college . All these days my parents have been very supportive. Though I haven’t got into any college until now, because my results for the competitive exams are not declared yet .

I hope everything that would happen from now onwards would be positive, I totally do not know as to how I would deal with any further problems of getting my desired course in any college . But I am still very hopeful of getting into something until the end of this year !

In the end , thankyou if you have read this blog until the end . It means a lot to me. I will definitely keep posting about all the further ventures in the coming days until then-

Take care and stay safe peopleā¤

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2 replies on “Twist and turn of events.”

“Average student” doesn’t really mean anything in the real world. I’ve met (supposed) above-average people who were useless, and (supposed) below-average people who accomplished great things. It all has to do with ambition.
Rock on.

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