My first blogšŸ’£

Hey everyone,this is my first official blog and I am really very excited to start off with it.I recently discovered my love for writing and reading of course in the quarantine period and that leads me towards this.Though I did not have that many hobbies from my childhood but recently after completing my higher secondary this year I thought of discovering my passion and hobbies which until now I thought were only studiesšŸ˜‚,but not to anyone’s surprise this lockdown period gave us enough time to start off with everything fresh and to clean up any mess that had happened earlier.So among all the things that I did during this period , most of my time was spent reading new novels , skin care and health regime and it went off really well .

Though this lockdown did give me enough time to do something new,at times it also made me anxious and kind of depressed cause for the very first time , not only me but all of us could not predict what is going to happen next, but ultimately I spent my time reading and playing with my pet dog and it made me content and absolutely happy spending time like that .

So , this was it.Now that I have started blogging I would write whenever and whatever something new and creative happens. Until then-


By anubhutishaw

Funky,adventurous,a bookworm with a tint of sense and love for fashion

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